Formal medical marijuana education spreads to Seattle

Wednesday, September 7th is a momentous occasion for the medical marijuana movement, as it marks the opening of Seattle’s first medical cannabis academy. The Academy of Cannabis Culture (or ACC for short) will start offering classes in various aspects of the medical marijuana business, including cultivation, edible production, and legal issues. The academy’s goal is to train the city’s next wave of legal medical marijuana entrepreneurs.

While facilities such as the ACC have been founded with success in the MMJ movement’s home state, California, this will be the State of Washington’s first formal cannabis education center. Its founder states that the center’s objective is to educate licensed medical marijuana practitioners, and also show the movement’s skeptics that educated and professional individuals run the industry. This skepticism is the root of much of the medical marijuana movement’s struggles to expand to new states.

While it’s uncertain just how well this new center will be received, the school will be opening with 25 students already enrolled and they expect many more to follow. Prospective students must be fully licensed by the State of Washington as medical marijuana practitioners, in accordance strict with local regulations.

As the number of states that allow for medical marijuana grows, it is believed the demand for educated practitioners will grow as well. Education centers such as the ACC could be incubators for future dispensaries, as their graduates go on to expand the number of patients that they can provide relief to. It’s safe to say that the medical marijuana movement has made great strides in the past few years, both in terms of public acceptance and scientific legitimacy. If education centers such as the ACC can succeed, it will be a definite asset to the American public’s stance that marijuana should be a respected therapeutic alternative.